peteHave you ever wondered when and where this club began? Well, it’s a long story that should make you proud of the direction your club is heading in today.

In 1978, a group of guys working at the old Western Electric Plant on Polk Ave. in Nashville, TN decided they needed a bass club to fish, so began the W.E. Bass Tournaments. Now that you know the when and where, let me give you the how. A few guys sat down and wrote out a few rules and tried to set goals for their new club. They decided their main goal was to keep their expenses low so that everyone could afford to fish. It was decided that they would fish six tournaments a year, 3 on Percy Priest and 3 on Old Hickory Lake. The tournament fee was $15.00 per boat ($7.50 a man) with 10% held out for a fish off. So you can imagaine what kind of pay off there was! They always started off the season with about 15 or 16 boats but after the second or third tournament they were down to 9 or 10 boats. Things drug on that way for several years, so in 1985 they decided to change some things. Hoping to draw more members they raised the tournament fee and decided to fish a variety of lakes with 100% pay back. This had about the same results, a good beginning but a poor end. Then came what most thought was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was fall of 1989, the last tournament of the year at Lake Barkley and five boats showed up for the tournament. Most thought that the club was finished. After the days fishing, those five boats gathered in the parking and talked about how they wished things could have been and then it happened! A voice in that small crowed called out, ” Let me run this club. I’ll run it fair and I’ll get people to fish in it.” That man was Pete Waller. That next year they started off about the same as before but to everyone’s surprise, most of the people were still there at the end of the year. Pete has done a terriffic job growing and directing All City Bass to the point it is today. Not only do we have good quality people in the club, we have good quality fisherman. Although the name has changed a few times, A.C.B. goals are the same as the old western Electric Club, rekindled friendships and a good ol’ competitive atmosphere.

I think we are headed in the right direction. Thanks Pete Waller!!

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